16:22 Ticket #54 (Support .srt styling.) created by tick
See  http://trac.perian.org/ticket/39#comment:6
09:28 Ticket #53 (Indeo) created by anonymous
Add support for Indeo
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yet another spammer (diff)


18:07 Changeset [164] by dconrad
Add all of a track's samples in the index to the media at once. This …
17:42 Changeset [163] by dconrad
Native MPEG4 video requires the esds atom, so create it from what we have …
17:38 Ticket #52 (Perian doesn't play a certain -mpg video) closed by gbooker
invalid: Perian doesn't do anything with MPEG2 files. That is up to other …
14:00 Ticket #52 (Perian doesn't play a certain -mpg video) created by anonymous
Perian doesn't play the video in this RAR: …


21:21 Ticket #51 (Autoupdate system) created by durin42
Autoupdate systems (like Sparkle) are the win. We should have one. I've …
16:55 Ticket #46 (large memory leak - playing FLV through Quicktime Player) closed by tick
worksforme: I can't reproduce this on my g4 ibook either. Closing this ticket. Please …
14:07 Changeset [162] by dconrad
Fix crash with AVIs with text tracks
13:12 Changeset [161] by gbooker
The parsers are screwing us over now!!!! What is wrong with using them in …
11:45 Changeset [160] by gbooker
Sometimes incremental builds of ffmpeg get broken. I suspect it is …
06:56 Ticket #50 (Dutch localization of install .dmg background: correction) closed by Ritsuka
duplicate: Duplicate of #44
06:37 Ticket #50 (Dutch localization of install .dmg background: correction) created by Franklin.Vermeulen@…
Hi, the proper Dutch translation of "Drag Perian.component to Quicktime …


21:24 Ticket #40 (x264) closed by astrange
19:22 Ticket #49 (NSV stream support) created by anonymous
NullSoft? Video is a container format usually used in shoutcast streams, …
19:10 Changeset [159] by dconrad
Oops, stray else that shouldn't be there
19:07 Ticket #39 (perian should support srt subtitles) closed by dconrad
fixed: (In [158]) Load external SubRip? (.srt) files. Closes #39
19:07 Changeset [158] by dconrad
Load external SubRip? (.srt) files. Closes #39
19:04 Changeset [157] by dconrad
Add the stuff in CodecPrivate? for Real Video as an …
19:00 Changeset [156] by dconrad
Move Matroska Codec ID -> FourCC routine to MatroskaCodecIDs.cpp Movie ISO …
16:34 Ticket #48 (AVI with DV-Audio not playing) created by anonymous
I've got an video in an avi-file. Format: DV, 720 x 576 (768 x 576), 16,7 …
12:06 Ticket #47 (incorrect duration) created by anonymous
qicktime report incorrect duration and will not play the avi file osx mac …


20:50 Ticket #46 (large memory leak - playing FLV through Quicktime Player) created by anonymous
There seems to be a significant memory leak in the Perian FLV codec. I …


17:24 Changeset [155] by tick
Adding a UB note.
07:01 Ticket #45 (German translation on dmg) closed by tick
duplicate: Duplicate of #18.
04:13 Ticket #45 (German translation on dmg) created by info@…
should be Ziehe Perian.component auf den QuickTime Ordner
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