08:27 Ticket #74 (Crash when clicking on OK) closed by Ritsuka
invalid: Uh? What "Ok"? I don't really think that perian has an "ok" button…
08:23 Ticket #74 (Crash when clicking on OK) created by anonymous
severe bug


10:41 Ticket #73 (On2 VP3 support) closed by tick
duplicate: Please search next time. #49 covers this request.
09:57 Ticket #73 (On2 VP3 support) created by Mr.H
The VP3 codec is available as a QuickTime component, but is PPC only. The …


19:57 Changeset [205] by gbooker
In my experiments with VOB, I noticed it had an index of all 0 sized …
19:32 BadContent edited by gbooker
Corrected the regex (diff)
19:06 Ticket #51 (Autoupdate system) closed by gbooker
duplicate: Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this now all covered in #70? Closing …
16:25 BadContent edited by gbooker
12:12 Ticket #62 (Windows version of Perian) closed by tick
wontfix: If you'd like to do it, go ahead millenomi. Otherwise we're not going to …
04:48 Changeset [204] by allan
- idling import patch for movies without index + Graham's changes to said …


15:30 Changeset [203] by dconrad
Support for using data handlers that don't support 64-bit functions with …


19:58 Changeset [202] by gbooker
Just some organization.
19:57 Changeset [201] by gbooker
Patch from Allan Hsu to do a better job with endian fun. Use the carbon …
12:43 Ticket #72 (Translation error in installation) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #44
09:04 Ticket #72 (Translation error in installation) created by lpgrviag@…
The german installation description in background picture make no …


15:33 Changeset [200] by gbooker
Yet again, we can't compile b/c of the ffmpeg folk. Corrected the …
14:51 Changeset [199] by gbooker
I thought [197] fixed the ARCH_X86_32 define issue, but it didn't. The …
06:20 Ticket #71 (this video does not work with QT) created by superkla
in passed this video they have been created with QT and they worked this …
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