17:39 Ticket #82 (false "header damaged" messages in Development mode) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [232]) Surpress error messages on the B frame detection so it will …
17:38 Changeset [232] by gbooker
Surpress error messages on the B frame detection so it will silently fail …
14:48 Ticket #82 (false "header damaged" messages in Development mode) created by astrange
 http://astrange.ithinksw.net/Zambot3OP-srt.mkv This file is valid (no …
14:32 Changeset [231] by dconrad
Fix HuffYUV decoder for RGB. Still needs YUV copying. Refs #68.
13:59 Changeset [230] by astrange
Broken HuffYUV decoder (references #68)
13:04 Changeset [229] by gbooker
Commit for Chris since he is stuck on a windows machine.
13:04 Changeset [228] by gbooker
These search paths were obsoleted back in [4].
12:38 Changeset [227] by gbooker
Added several UI elements to the PrefPane?.
11:04 Changeset [226] by gbooker
Corrected the classes for the nib. Now the PrefPane? can display our UI. …
10:55 Changeset [225] by gbooker
* Added some skeleton functions * Made the pref pane universal in …
10:40 Changeset [224] by gbooker
Added a script which will create the zip files for the components (if they …


21:51 Changeset [223] by allan
- fix for some situations where minLoadedTime would be wrong at the …
19:16 BadContent edited by astrange
18:50 Changeset [222] by tick
Adding a new prefpane target, which builds just a prefpane with an …


16:36 Changeset [221] by durin42
As discussed and confirmed on the list, we are now switching completely to …
09:03 Changeset [220] by gbooker
Disabled GPL within ffmpeg.


18:48 Changeset [219] by dconrad
WMA v1 and v2 decoder. Tested with samples in AVI. Refs #38
18:32 Changeset [218] by dconrad
Move the codec fourccs that we define to its own header so it can be …
14:41 Ticket #54 (Support .srt styling.) closed by astrange
fixed: (In [217]) * Set blend mode correctly for subtitles. * Capitalize XVID as …
14:40 Changeset [217] by astrange
* Set blend mode correctly for subtitles. * Capitalize XVID as Xvid. * <b> …
03:45 Ticket #47 (incorrect duration) closed by astrange


19:34 Changeset [216] by dconrad
Remove test file
19:33 Changeset [215] by dconrad
Test of my ability to add new files…
19:15 Changeset [214] by dconrad
Codecprintf is C, declare as such so we can use it in C++ code
03:10 Changeset [213] by astrange
Outside-stroke and shadowed subtitles
03:10 Changeset [212] by dconrad
According to the comment for avcodec_decode_video(), the input buffer must …
01:58 Changeset [211] by astrange
Change subtitle font to white-on-black Trebuchet MS, get rid of synthetic …
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