23:35 Changeset [271] by dconrad
Support for AVSEEK_SIZE. Also, it seems it's best to return -1 if we don't …
22:39 Changeset [270] by durin42
Remove some spurious logs, and add some warnings so I remember to fix …
22:34 Changeset [269] by durin42
Initial non-working updater app - it gets as far as downloading an update, …
21:01 Changeset [268] by gbooker
The prefpane doesn't need to link to Foundation, CoreFoundation? is …
19:17 Changeset [267] by dconrad
parse_ac3_bitstream() sets the mFormatID so we don't have to
19:14 Changeset [266] by dconrad
Fix small memory leak
19:04 Changeset [265] by dconrad
First try at mkv idle importing. Refs #29.
16:46 Changeset [264] by gbooker
I really should compile before I commit. I thought I did this time :(
16:27 Changeset [263] by gbooker
* Set all of the AudioStreamBasicDescription? in case the caller wishes to …


22:16 Changeset [262] by dconrad
Remove support for using the old ms fourcc for AC3 in Matroska
22:12 Changeset [261] by dconrad
Use the first AC3 packet to determine audio parameters in MKV as well.
21:36 Changeset [260] by dconrad
Fix calling of GetDefaultChannelLayout?() from initialize_audio_map()
21:27 Changeset [259] by gbooker
I guess I should compile before I commit. Forgot a ;
21:22 Changeset [258] by gbooker
A52codec can handle bsids from 9-11, so add support for it in the parser.
18:38 Changeset [257] by gbooker
Forgot to free the packet data. Don't want to leak.
18:12 Changeset [256] by gbooker
Use the first packet bitstream to determine audio parameters. Now we need …
16:30 Changeset [255] by dconrad
Use proper fourcc for ac3 in avi now, since we are going to bundle …
15:51 Changeset [254] by gbooker
There seems to be nothing wrong with …
15:40 Changeset [253] by durin42
Remove some vestigial resource files that are no longer needed because we …
13:12 Changeset [252] by tick
Fixing compile on ppc, this should make everything fully ub anyhow
12:44 Changeset [251] by dconrad
A little more safety for SetupExtradata?()
12:41 Changeset [250] by gbooker
Fixed a sloppy mistake in the plist generation. Added Authenticated …
11:51 Changeset [249] by gbooker
Added support for building the a52codec external target.
11:21 Changeset [248] by gbooker
Automatic generation of the Components key in the prefpane plist.
11:11 Changeset [247] by gbooker
* NSBundles cache, so don't use them anymore. * Added Framework Type
08:54 Changeset [246] by gbooker
Cleaner method for extracting the archive. This routine is threaded, so …
01:54 Changeset [245] by dconrad
Some Matroska files use the display width/height as a ratio, not as pixels …
01:48 Changeset [244] by dconrad
Oops, we can decode MPEG 1/2 in MKV now
01:44 Changeset [243] by dconrad
MPEG 1 and 2 decoders. Refs #27.
00:44 Changeset [242] by dconrad
Rewrite/cleanup of the Matroska importer - No longer reads the entire file …


21:24 Changeset [241] by allan
- fix for a determine_header_offset segfault caused when libavformat …
21:17 Changeset [240] by gbooker
Authenticated install and remove.
18:20 Changeset [239] by allan
- switched from STABS to DWARF debug symbols
16:32 Changeset [238] by gbooker
Install and uninstall (unauthenticated only, sorry).
15:23 Changeset [237] by gbooker
Use ditto instead of zip. Creates the same files, but appears to be safer …
14:33 Changeset [236] by gbooker
Added installation detection and update the text field and button strings …
10:23 Changeset [235] by gbooker
Even more generic. Now we can archive components based on where they will …
09:58 Changeset [234] by gbooker
Compress and include *.component instead of just the ones we specify.
09:10 Changeset [233] by gbooker
Added support for changing a52codec's preferences.
08:56 Ticket #83 (.ts hd transport stream support) closed by gbooker
duplicate: This falls into the same camp as vob support which is #27
07:27 Ticket #83 (.ts hd transport stream support) created by wimvanzijl@…
I ould like to see support for .ts transport streams. these kind of …


17:39 Ticket #82 (false "header damaged" messages in Development mode) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [232]) Surpress error messages on the B frame detection so it will …
17:38 Changeset [232] by gbooker
Surpress error messages on the B frame detection so it will silently fail …
14:48 Ticket #82 (false "header damaged" messages in Development mode) created by astrange
 http://astrange.ithinksw.net/Zambot3OP-srt.mkv This file is valid (no …
14:32 Changeset [231] by dconrad
Fix HuffYUV decoder for RGB. Still needs YUV copying. Refs #68.
13:59 Changeset [230] by astrange
Broken HuffYUV decoder (references #68)
13:04 Changeset [229] by gbooker
Commit for Chris since he is stuck on a windows machine.
13:04 Changeset [228] by gbooker
These search paths were obsoleted back in [4].
12:38 Changeset [227] by gbooker
Added several UI elements to the PrefPane?.
11:04 Changeset [226] by gbooker
Corrected the classes for the nib. Now the PrefPane? can display our UI. …
10:55 Changeset [225] by gbooker
* Added some skeleton functions * Made the pref pane universal in …
10:40 Changeset [224] by gbooker
Added a script which will create the zip files for the components (if they …


21:51 Changeset [223] by allan
- fix for some situations where minLoadedTime would be wrong at the …
19:16 BadContent edited by astrange
18:50 Changeset [222] by tick
Adding a new prefpane target, which builds just a prefpane with an …


16:36 Changeset [221] by durin42
As discussed and confirmed on the list, we are now switching completely to …
09:03 Changeset [220] by gbooker
Disabled GPL within ffmpeg.
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