20:43 Changeset [374] by astrange
Enable Codecprintf for Deployment+Debug, and remove most of its uses.
20:27 Ticket #130 (Fraps FPS1 decoder) closed by dconrad
fixed: (In [373]) Fraps FPS1 decoder. Patch by Ritsuka. Closes #130.
20:27 Changeset [373] by dconrad
Fraps FPS1 decoder. Patch by Ritsuka. Closes #130.
20:01 Changeset [372] by dconrad
Add some support for seeking around in a Matroska file to Level 1 …
16:29 Ticket #131 (Sound crackling when playing FLVs) created by xxx
There's a crackling noise whilst playing FLVs. Not a serious distraction, …


11:32 Ticket #130 (Fraps FPS1 decoder) created by Ritsuka
Here's a simple patch to add support for fraps fps1 video codec.


09:24 Ticket #129 (Some srt files not recognized.) created by nemeseri
Hi! I attached two srt files. These are not recognized by perian and not …


14:20 Changeset [371] by dconrad
Respect the chapter hidden flag, and add a parent chapter if all of its …
11:05 Ticket #128 (SSA rendering of multiple style tags and \h character) created by giandrea@…
The rendering of SSA subtitles that use multiple consecutive style tags, …


01:25 Ticket #127 (Flash of last sample in subtitle drawing) created by astrange
Sometimes after a large gap in the subtitle display, I notice the last one …


21:40 Changeset [370] by astrange
Fix memory leaks in subtitle parser; allow text with backslashes.
19:11 Ticket #126 (Codec name not displaying in QuickTime Player's Movie Info) created by dconrad
When there are multiple components that can decode the same video format, …
09:23 Ticket #125 (Add data parsers for video codecs) created by gbooker
Video codecs need data parsers to separate out frames. Then, high cpu …
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