08:49 Ticket #222 (QuickTime 7.2 breaks playback of flv files opened by URL) created by 0xced
... while it worked very well with QuickTime 7.1.6! Now, doing File -> …
02:29 Changeset [630] by dconrad
Add mp1v/mp2v fourccs
01:25 Changeset [629] by astrange
Mark EyeTV MPEG Support as obsoleted. Minor change to SSE2 color …
01:12 Ticket #216 (MPEG-1 audio) closed by dconrad
fixed: (In [628]) Support for MPEG-1 Layer 1 audio. Closes #216
01:12 Changeset [628] by dconrad
Support for MPEG-1 Layer 1 audio. Closes #216


17:16 Ticket #126 (Codec name not displaying in QuickTime Player's Movie Info) closed by dconrad
worksforme: Looks like this is fixed in QuickTime 7.2
12:30 Ticket #221 (Hang playing RAW BGR AVI) created by rectalogic
QuickTime hangs using 100% CPU when opening this RAW BGR AVI file with …


14:13 Ticket #220 (Improve subtitle sizes for non-English languages) created by astrange
SRT subs are shown at 32pt at 640x480, and scale up with the diagonal of …
06:34 Ticket #219 (Support subtitles in Matroska) created by someone
When playing videos in Front Row, subtitles do not appear for any Matroska …


22:45 Changeset [627] by astrange
Unroll SSE2 color conversion and use 128-bit loads for chroma. 7% -> 5%, …
18:19 Changeset [626] by dconrad
Don't try to zap a negative amount of bytes.
13:19 Ticket #218 (MPEG1 Layer 2 audio track in AVI hangs QuickTime using 100% CPU) created by rectalogic
An AVI file with an MPEG1 Layer 2 audio track and DiVX5 video track hangs …
09:59 Changeset [625] by durin42
Sussman pointed out I didn't have a link here - fixed that.


13:49 Changeset [624] by gbooker
Only display error messages if the user either requested the update, or if …


23:32 Ticket #217 (Crash log from today) created by tbluhp
These are the crash log's I have been getting today while viewing the live …
18:15 Changeset [623] by dconrad
Don't use depreciated codec_get_bmp_id


20:31 Changeset [622] by astrange
Render SSA colors in sRGB instead of Apple RGB.
19:01 Ticket #215 (Tokens at end of subtitle line not handled) closed by astrange
fixed: Fixed in revision 621.
18:58 Ticket #216 (MPEG-1 audio) created by astrange
This is the only codec EyeTV MPEG Support exports that we don't handle; if …
16:58 Changeset [621] by astrange
Clean up the SSA tag parser somewhat. Hopefully handle \N at the end of a …
14:39 BadContent edited by gbooker
Hopefully kill the hidden spam (diff)
01:47 Changeset [620] by astrange
Call avcodec_thread_free. Still not perfect but it's all ffmpeg …
01:37 Ticket #215 (Tokens at end of subtitle line not handled) created by astrange
\N where N is the last character in a subtitle doesn't get processed; this …
01:34 Ticket #172 (SRT Subitles too small on AppleTV + Wrong character set used for ...) closed by astrange
fixed: This bug is too general; I'm closing it. I'll work on the failing sample, …


23:06 Ticket #214 (support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx)) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #190
18:48 Ticket #214 (support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx)) created by nanotlj
Would like to see support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx).
16:26 Changeset [619] by dconrad
Add the fourcc used for Flash's VP6 by AVI-Mux GUI
06:38 Ticket #213 (WMA v2 support = clipping sound) created by jaozz_one
Been playing a media file which the Quicktime Info says uses Windows Media …
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