17:25 Ticket #226 (AVC encoded video tracks have incorrect "Format" string in QTP Inspector ...) created by avidrissman
I have a movie with an AVC video track and an AAC audio track. In the …
11:55 Ticket #125 (Add data parsers for video codecs) closed by gbooker
fixed: this is in trunk.
11:48 Ticket #70 (PrefPane updater/installer) closed by tick
fixed: I think this one is actually fixed, we tested it in the 1.0 beta period. …


05:21 Ticket #225 (Default playback language) created by Ulrich
Theres no selection of sound track in FrontRow?. So play the sound track of …


16:49 Changeset [648] by dconrad
Don't write outside the picture
16:49 Changeset [647] by dconrad
H.264 in AVI can use avc1 fourcc, account for this


23:39 Changeset [646] by dconrad
Return SSA's codec info
23:39 Changeset [645] by dconrad
Use ffmpeg's DVD subtitle decoder for vobsub
23:39 Changeset [644] by dconrad
First steps in cleanup
23:39 Changeset [643] by dconrad
Clean up CodecIDs.h a bit
01:31 Changeset [642] by dconrad
Correctly return TTA's mime type


10:48 Changeset [641] by gbooker
Symptom: Skip in the movie, and sometimes there are major decompression …


17:49 Changeset [640] by dconrad
Fix AAC in AVI (broke in QuickTime 7.2)
15:12 Changeset [639] by astrange
SSA: some files use 'V4.00+' rather than 'v'
05:57 Ticket #224 (Missing frames in mkv) created by Ritsuka
The matroska importer eats the last few frame of the video track.
00:26 Changeset [638] by dconrad


21:46 Changeset [637] by dconrad
Two more obsolete subtitle IDs
10:01 Ticket #223 (Perian causes Front Row 1.3 to crash when loading movies section) created by junkit
Crash Report: […] Removing Perian.component from /Library/Quicktime?
01:52 Ticket #91 (DTS audio decoder) closed by dconrad
fixed: (In [636]) DTS decoder. Closes #91. Add speaker order comments to the …
01:52 Changeset [636] by dconrad
DTS decoder. Closes #91. Add speaker order comments to the default channel …
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