23:58 Changeset [1100] by astrange
Rename our private copy of the UniversalDetector? class. Otherwise it might …
23:24 Changeset [1099] by astrange
More build cleanups. - Move some settings up to project level. - Fix …
23:22 Changeset [1098] by astrange
SSA: - Fix the font size scale when \fn changes it. - Slightly quicker …
23:19 Changeset [1097] by astrange
Use NSInteger instead of int in the prefpane where needed
21:47 Ticket #425 (Always pass magic cookie to QTSoundDescriptionCreate) created by astrange
I've fixed this for ff_import, but MKV still creates sound descriptions …
21:46 Ticket #388 (overlapping/misplaced text in .ssa with move()) closed by astrange
fixed: Fixed, I think. (didn't actually look, but did fix \move)
21:46 Ticket #384 (use --cpu=prescott in the configure script.) closed by astrange
09:12 Ticket #424 (Matroska import out of sync) created by Timac
When importing the following Matroska file in QuickTime, the video is out …


02:00 Changeset [1096] by astrange
Merge trunk to release again.
02:00 Changeset [1095] by astrange
Forgot to update the changelog.
01:37 Changeset [1094] by astrange
Lock external revisions again.
01:33 Changeset [1093] by astrange
Merge trunk to release branch.
01:31 Changeset [1092] by astrange
Version -> 1.1.4
01:31 Changeset [1091] by astrange
Turn off 3Dnow since no Mac supports it. Also turn on runtime cpudetection …


15:17 Changeset [1090] by gbooker
Added a few more obsolete codecs to the list


09:33 Ticket #422 (Perian crashes JavaFX Applications) created by tbutter
Perian crashes all JavaFX movie playing. Example: …


01:11 Changeset [1089] by astrange
Minor adjustment to cflags. - Apple gcc disables -freorder-blocks at -O3 …
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