12:18 Ticket #435 (Perian doesn't support stereo down sampling of multi channels DTS) created by Timac
Summary: Perian doesn't support stereo down sampling of multi channels …
08:52 Changeset [1121] by gbooker
The offset here was compensating for the lack of interleaver, but once the …


05:07 Ticket #434 (Check Perian AVI+Flip4Mac WMV) created by astrange
It's said that this tends to crash. A possible solution would be to find …


08:40 Ticket #426 (Perform Single-Object Prelink on Static Libs) closed by gbooker
fixed: OK


17:59 Changeset [1120] by gbooker
No longer claim the appl manufacturer on mp4v since we no longer need to …
12:18 Changeset [1119] by gbooker
Switched to another new codec list system. This should be siginificantly …
07:10 Ticket #433 (Crash during XVid playback) created by Haravikk
I encountered a crash during playback of a .mkv with XVid video and MP3 …


01:31 Changeset [1118] by astrange
Apparently the update checker version really is used for something.


19:29 Changeset [1117] by astrange
Release 1.1.4.
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