23:16 Ticket #425 (Always pass magic cookie to QTSoundDescriptionCreate) closed by astrange
fixed: I did this too.
23:13 Changeset [1163] by astrange
SSA: Fix toptitles being too low. Ignoring the descent brings us closer …
23:12 Changeset [1162] by astrange
Fix undersized size field in FLAC extradata. Causes XiphQT to reliably …
23:11 Changeset [1161] by astrange
Make ffusionIsParsedVideoDecodable() code match comments. Actually prefer …
22:23 Ticket #412 (Use atomics for initialization guards) closed by astrange
fixed: I did this.


20:48 Ticket #415 (Only have one component version #define) closed by gbooker
fixed: (In [1160]) Consolidate Resource Version numbers Fixes #415
20:48 Changeset [1160] by gbooker
Consolidate Resource Version numbers Fixes #415
20:17 Ticket #419 (Easier way to enable codecs/formats) closed by gbooker
fixed: r1119 should do nearly all if not all of this.


20:48 Changeset [1159] by gbooker
Added FAQ item about SVN
12:21 Changeset [1158] by astrange
Don't compile ECQTComponent.m. It's unused and has warnings.
12:21 Changeset [1157] by astrange
Merge libebml and libmatroska upstream changes.


22:25 Ticket #450 (huffyuv broken in 10.6) created by jsevakis
HuffYUV movies open with bizarre horizontal blinds effect. Not usable.
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