23:18 Ticket #410 (Export colorspace information) closed by astrange
fixed: (In [1170]) Set video colorspace info on import via 'nclc'. Fixes the …
23:18 Changeset [1170] by astrange
Set video colorspace info on import via 'nclc'. Fixes the colors for …
21:04 Changeset [1169] by astrange
Don't write the clean-aperture atom; it's meaningless since we don't …
15:58 Changeset [1168] by astrange
Implement GetSourceDataGammaLevel?. It doesn't actually get called for …
14:49 Changeset [1167] by astrange
Move setting skip_loop_filter to its own function. Also put it next to …
12:03 Changeset [1166] by astrange
Delete QueueStarting?, QueueStopping?, GetCompressedImageSize?. They don't …


17:40 Changeset [1165] by astrange
Fix ssa2html for styles with spaces in the name.
17:39 Changeset [1164] by astrange
Add disclaimer about PS output to ssa2pdf.


23:16 Ticket #425 (Always pass magic cookie to QTSoundDescriptionCreate) closed by astrange
fixed: I did this too.
23:13 Changeset [1163] by astrange
SSA: Fix toptitles being too low. Ignoring the descent brings us closer …
23:12 Changeset [1162] by astrange
Fix undersized size field in FLAC extradata. Causes XiphQT to reliably …
23:11 Changeset [1161] by astrange
Make ffusionIsParsedVideoDecodable() code match comments. Actually prefer …
22:23 Ticket #412 (Use atomics for initialization guards) closed by astrange
fixed: I did this.
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