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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#163 QuickTime file icons for custom video formats astrange enhancement normal PrefPane
#220 Improve subtitle sizes for non-English languages astrange enhancement normal Subtitles
#319 SSA/ASS Subtitle collision implentation deviation. astrange defect normal Subtitles 1.1
#363 Vorbis in mkv audio astrange defect normal decompression 1.1
#386 Use -willSelect in pref pane astrange defect normal PrefPane 1.1.2
#417 Indeo 4 and 5 support astrange enhancement normal Codec 1.1.3
#444 MKV+TrueAudio doesn't work astrange defect normal matroska 1.1.4
#457 VobSub text displaying all black astrange defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.4
#471 Perian has problems with some fxm files (either black screen or pink pixels instead of video) astrange defect normal Perian-Main 1.2
#518 Cache reference movies for idle-imported formats astrange enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.2
#520 Perian doesn't support TrueHD astrange enhancement normal Codec 1.2.1
#560 negative ctts in MKV astrange enhancement normal matroska 1.2.2

Status: closed (38 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#263 Perian breaks QT 7.3 + Keynote '08 astrange defect normal Codec 1.0
#302 Parse failed warnings with mpeg4/avi N-vops astrange defect normal decompression
#335 [PATCH] First step to allow case-insensitive font search for subtitles astrange enhancement normal Subtitles 1.1
#341 WMA2 decode errors astrange defect normal decompression 1.1
#389 Remove multiple \pos per line support astrange defect normal Subtitles 1.1.2
#394 Vertical fonts shouldn't affect English text astrange defect normal Subtitles 1.1.2
#477 More installer robustness astrange defect normal PrefPane 1.2
#478 RFC - MBAFF interlaced support astrange enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.2
#581 request support for playback of >8 bit ffv1 astrange enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.2.2
#607 Duplicated \ in subtitles astrange defect normal Subtitles 1.2.2
#626 MKV AAC track not playing astrange defect normal matroska 1.2.3
#193 failure detecting all info for a lot of mainly avi videos defect normal Perian-Main
#294 Update provides no feedback while it's working defect normal PrefPane 1.0
#385 Typecheck defaults values defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.2
#470 mkv/h264 video stalls in 1.2 on Leopard defect normal Perian-Main 1.2
#522 Subtitle code audit task normal Subtitles 1.2
#550 Drop 10.4 and ppc task normal Perian-Main 1.2
#561 MKV error on 10.5 defect normal matroska 1.2.2
#579 Incorrectly visible line at start defect normal Subtitles 1.2
#606 Workaround Lion problems with audio codecs defect normal Codec 1.2.2
#609 Adopt newer API in code task normal Perian-Main Select Version
#611 Perian not working under Lion defect normal Perian-Main 1.2.3
#623 Support 10-bit H.264 defect normal decompression 1.2.2
#332 Add sub encoding preference enhancement normal PrefPane
#353 Respect the returned AVFrame from avcodec_decode_video defect normal ffmpeg 1.1
#369 No sound with MKV+PCM defect normal matroska 1.1
#379 change nibs to XML format task normal PrefPane 1.1.1
#380 Standardize file headers task normal Perian-Main 1.1.1
#381 Standardize ffusion function prefixes task normal Perian-Main 1.1.1
#395 Merge file removal code in prefpane defect normal PrefPane 1.1.2
#407 Add FFV1 defect normal decompression 1.1.3
#410 Export colorspace information task normal decompression 1.1.3
#412 Use atomics for initialization guards defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.3
#415 Only have one component version #define defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.3
#419 Easier way to enable codecs/formats task normal import 1.1.3
#425 Always pass magic cookie to QTSoundDescriptionCreate defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.3
#434 Check Perian AVI+Flip4Mac WMV defect normal import 1.1.3
#481 Keep disk image DS_Store in svn defect normal Perian-Main 1.2

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#167 Subtitle Language Encoding astrange enhancement normal PrefPane
#201 Option for no subtitles in playback. enhancement normal Subtitles
#440 64bit Audio Codecs enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.1.4
#447 Perian handles RTL subtitles wrong defect normal Perian-Main 1.2.2
#519 Import/decode .flac defect normal import 1.2.2
#525 Mispositioned text in Karas ass defect normal Subtitles 1.2.2
#528 FLAC decoder defect normal Perian-Main 1.2
#533 Subtitle track has zero length defect normal Perian-Main 1.2.1
#568 Labels in ac3 compression reversed defect normal PrefPane 1.2.2
#569 Verify frameNumber mapping in FFusion enhancement normal decompression 1.2.2
#570 Deal with full range YUV task normal decompression 1.2
#574 MKV + external subtitles can lead to overlapping text enhancement normal Subtitles 1.2.2
#624 OpenCL color conversions defect normal decompression Select Version
#628 Ship Google WebM components task normal matroska 1.2.3
#629 AC3Codec is broken in 10.8 defect normal Codec 1.2.3
#630 Disable WebM task normal matroska 1.2.2
#390 SVN revision scripts error if .svn isn't found defect normal Perian-Main 1.1.2
#408 Remove AC3Codec task normal Codec 1.1.3
#443 Simplify create_cookie task normal import 1.1.4
#445 APE support task normal import 1.1.4
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