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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#36 audio garbled in avi file defect normal Perian-Main
#56 .srt support for mp4/mov/ogg files astrange defect normal Perian-Main
#63 MATLAB AVI format unsupported defect normal AVI
#80 x264 SAR (Sample Aspect Ratio) defect normal Perian-Main
#92 Visual artifact in h264 decoding. defect normal decompression
#96 Perian Breaks CRAM Support defect normal Perian-Main
#102 Matroska importer inserts empty frames defect normal matroska
#106 unable to play QT video from within Safari defect normal Perian-Main
#120 MP2 audio support defect normal decompression
#126 Codec name not displaying in QuickTime Player's Movie Info defect normal Perian-Main
#127 Flash of last sample in subtitle drawing defect low Subtitles
#164 Initial playback of Matroska files is choppy defect normal matroska 1.0b1
#542 itunes and perian astrange defect normal Perian-Main 1.2.1
#2 Switch YUV path from YUV 4:2:2 ('2vuy') to YUV 4:2:0 ('y420') feelgood enhancement normal Perian-Main
#53 Indeo enhancement lowest Codec
#77 Don't try to do very slow operations in previews enhancement normal import
#91 DTS audio decoder enhancement normal Codec
#147 Support of FLV with audio which is not mp3 enhancement normal Perian-Main
#162 subtitle support for wmv format enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.0
#166 Optimize Mastroska importer for playback of remote files. enhancement normal matroska 1.0b1
#169 MPEG-TS (TY/TS/DV) support enhancement normal Perian-Main
#200 Better x86 IDCTs for ffmpeg enhancement normal ffmpeg
#31 Compressed Matroska Subtitle track support dconrad task normal Subtitles
#119 Cleanup Rez files task normal Perian-Main
#373 Rearrange svn branches task normal Perian-Main 1.1

Status: new (19 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#38 WMV, WMA, other MS-stuff support. defect normal Perian-Main
#42 French localization of Perian? defect normal Perian-Main
#49 NSV stream support defect normal Perian-Main
#65 MicroDVD / . sub subtitle support astrange defect normal Subtitles
#75 perian fails to open avi files bigger than 2GB defect normal AVI
#98 Matroska importer sets kMovieLoadStatePlayable too soon defect normal matroska
#108 Support more SSA features astrange defect normal Subtitles
#161 Punctuation in Right-To-Left languages is not displayed correctly astrange defect normal Subtitles 1.0b1
#211 ASF with MPEG4-V1 (MP4S) video track decoding failure defect normal Codec 1.0
#251 Perian.prefPane isn't localizable defect normal Localization
#24 Native WMV3(VC-1) support enhancement normal Perian-Main
#25 Post-processing enhancement normal Perian-Main
#88 Supporting playing movies directly from .ISO files enhancement normal Perian-Main
#105 .asx support enhancement normal Perian-Main
#110 No support for MSS2 codec enhancement normal Codec 1.0
#113 Optimization of ffmpeg h264 decoder astrange enhancement normal ffmpeg
#225 Default playback language enhancement normal Perian-Main 1.0
#29 Faster Matroska importing task normal matroska
#254 File bugs against QT task normal Perian-Main
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