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#260 fixed Error Opening Handbrake MKV Files zorro2b

As discussed in this thread, Quicktime fails to open mkv files produced by Handbrake:

The error from Quicktime is: The movie could not be opened.

Operation could not be completed. (OSStatus error -2166.)

#416 fixed [PATCH} Mistaked Altivec Detection in Changeset 1027 zhe

The Altivec detection codes in CommonUtils?.c introduced by changeset 1027 is mistaked. Here's the fix.

#231 fixed Perian screws up quicktime on each relogin until removed and reinstalled. zee

I've been experiencing this behavior since 1.0 betas. Each time I relogin, quicktime is screwed — there's white backgrounds instead of videos in QT Player, QT browser plugin displays the QT logo while downloading the file and then draws a "?" sign instead of displaying the player, etc (iTunes plays music correctly, though). However, if I open Perian prefpane and remove/reinstall it, everything starts to work correctly (though it's a pain in the ass to relaunch all processes using Perian). My account is filevaulted, if it matters, and I'm willing to provide any necessary information.

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