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#103 fixed Codecs uses CountImageDescriptionExtensionType roine@…

CountImageDescriptionExtensionType will crash the player if the extension structure is wrong. This is unfortunately very common (for example recent FFmpeg produces them). Please don't use it; write your own version of it that makes sure not to read past the size of the extension block.

Thread 0 Crashed:
0            	0x9436d66e CountImageDescriptionExtensionType + 456
1   org.perian.Perian              	0x1534c90a FFusionCodecPreflight + 2032 (FFusionCodec.c:576)
#106 fixed unable to play QT video from within Safari vincent.gadani@…

When perian plug in is added I can not play any QT movies embeded in HTML via safari. The same file is playing fine within quicktime player. Removing Perian plug in restore the playing through safari.

This is mentioned in several places: by s a simple google searc on (Safari, avi, perian)

#107 fixed Green line at the right side damiano.galassi2@…

sample here: Tested on latest svn, intel mac.

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