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#478 fixed RFC - MBAFF interlaced support astrange MyCometG3

Please consider to support MBAFF stream.

This is a MBAFF sample movie (source/output) of x264Encoder 1.2.0.

Movie: EncodedPixels?.mov

  • source movie file. Highly visible combing noise. DV-NTSC video track, with Encoded Pixels Aperture mode.


  • output MBAFF interlaced movie. fourCC=avc1. Using MBAFF interlaced cording method.

MBAFF uses adaptive progressive/interlaced coding. Each macro block is examined as which method would produce better result.

From decompressor point of view, one sample always contains single frame, not single field. Some sample would be progressive macro block only, but some sample would contain interlaced macro block.

Under my simple test, Apple H.264 decoder seems to stuck every time at interlaced sample (progressive only samples are decoded correctly though), causes - choppy playback -.

Perian 1.2.0 does not help for now. Current Perian implementation, does not handle any interlaced avc1 media by itself. Thus apple H.264 decoder always try to decode it.

Additionally, my old avc1Decoder does override both apple H.264 decoder and Perian, which can decode MBAFF media smoothly. I think libavcodec can decode MBAFF media without problem now.

#66 fixed mp4v enhancements MyCometG3 <mochi@…>

Apple's MPEG-4 decoder componet, or even 3ivx 4.5.1, does not support full functionality of many mp4v features. We should add these.

#115 duplicate Perian should support iso-8859-2, -3, -4 Nemeseri


It would be so good, if perian had support for iso-8859-2, -3, -4 charset. I know that isn't your main task and it's far from important, but it would be nice for some european languages.. I know that utf-8 contains any characters in the above mentioned charsets, but the srt files usually encoded with iso charsets and it's uncomfortable to convert them to utf-8 for the perfect display..

Thanks for the great work on the subtitles component, now it's really good.


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