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Safari with Perian crash on iBook G3

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Component: Codec Version: 1.1.1
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iBook PowerPC G3 600 MHz - RAM: 640 MB
Mac OS X 10.4.11 (8S165)

QuickTime 7.5.5 and Safari 3.1.2 installed
with only the default QuickTime components.

I go to and watch the two videos:

How to download and install Perian...
How to download a Flash Video...

Both videos load and play fine in Safari.
I then download Perian 1.1.1 and install per instructions.
After relaunching Safari I go back to the site to watch the videos again, but this time Safari crashes with:

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 avcodec_default_get_buffer + 16
1 0x6c05000 + 1941296
2 alloc_picture + 116
3 MPV_frame_start + 476
4 ff_h263_decode_frame + 2552
5 avcodec_decode_video + 236
6 FFusionCodecPreflight + 2276
7 CallComponentFunctionCommon? + 1044
8 CallComponent? + 260
9 ImageCodecPreflight? + 40

After some basic troubleshooting (restarts, clear caches, repair permissions, reinstall QuickTime) with the same Safari crash on the perian videos, I do a fresh install of Mac OS X 10.4 and update to Mac OS X 10.4.11 using only the default settings and components.

Then after reinstalling a fresh Perian 1.1.1, I get the same Safari crash while viewing the perian videos. Removing Perian allows the videos to be viewed without crashing.

Please advise, thank you.

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