Nov 4, 2006:

3:22 PM BadContent edited by gbooker
another spammer (diff)
9:59 AM Changeset [189] by sky
codec and container list refinement
9:10 AM SupportedFormats edited by gbooker
Changed "does not work" to "done by another component": clearer intentions (diff)
8:45 AM Changeset [188] by sky
font size tweaks
8:32 AM Changeset [187] by sky
removed universal binary logo for now
8:24 AM Changeset [186] by sky
glutton for punishment

Nov 3, 2006:

3:04 PM Ticket #69 (Conflict with EyeTV MPEG Support) created by astrange
When both EyeTV MPEG and Perian are installed, it will sometimes override …
2:59 PM Ticket #68 (HuffYUV support) created by astrange
HuffYUV is a popular YUV lossless codec on Windows. libavcodec already …
2:22 PM Changeset [185] by gbooker
Yet another files that doesn't build without some optimizations turned on.
1:41 PM Changeset [184] by tick
Reverting the image too
1:39 PM Changeset [183] by tick
Reverting [177], except for the image I wasn't sure what changed there. …

Nov 2, 2006:

9:57 PM Changeset [182] by astrange
Don't set 'pasp' atom for mkv if it's square pixels. Tell ffmpeg to use …
9:31 PM Changeset [181] by gbooker
Use -O3 instead (more debuggable).
9:26 PM Changeset [180] by gbooker
Manually build h264.o and cabac.o with different options so that we can …
9:24 PM Changeset [179] by gbooker
Dead-code strip the development as well. Why? ffmpeg's build is broken, …
8:56 PM Changeset [178] by gbooker
ffmpeg build fails with undefined symbols, but it is ffmpeg itself, not …
2:20 PM Changeset [177] by sky
semantic markup and content refinement

Nov 1, 2006:

10:54 PM Ticket #28 (Matroska track selection) closed by dconrad
invalid: After thinking about it a while, I think it should be up to the player to …
10:53 PM Ticket #48 (AVI with DV-Audio not playing) closed by dconrad
fixed: Looks like [176] fixed all of the files I found with this problem. Reopen …

Oct 29, 2006:

11:50 AM WikiStart edited by sky
10:35 AM WikiStart edited by sky
10:29 AM WikiStart edited by sky

Oct 28, 2006:

10:09 PM Changeset [176] by gbooker
Use the strh to read the fourcc as well (likely will in every case now) …
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