Jul 6, 2007:

8:31 PM Changeset [622] by astrange
Render SSA colors in sRGB instead of Apple RGB.
7:01 PM Ticket #215 (Tokens at end of subtitle line not handled) closed by astrange
fixed: Fixed in revision 621.
6:58 PM Ticket #216 (MPEG-1 audio) created by astrange
This is the only codec EyeTV MPEG Support exports that we don't handle; if …
4:58 PM Changeset [621] by astrange
Clean up the SSA tag parser somewhat. Hopefully handle \N at the end of a …
2:39 PM BadContent edited by gbooker
Hopefully kill the hidden spam (diff)
1:47 AM Changeset [620] by astrange
Call avcodec_thread_free. Still not perfect but it's all ffmpeg …
1:37 AM Ticket #215 (Tokens at end of subtitle line not handled) created by astrange
\N where N is the last character in a subtitle doesn't get processed; this …
1:34 AM Ticket #172 (SRT Subitles too small on AppleTV + Wrong character set used for ...) closed by astrange
fixed: This bug is too general; I'm closing it. I'll work on the failing sample, …

Jul 5, 2007:

11:06 PM Ticket #214 (support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx)) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #190
6:48 PM Ticket #214 (support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx)) created by nanotlj
Would like to see support for VOBsub (.sub/.idx).
4:26 PM Changeset [619] by dconrad
Add the fourcc used for Flash's VP6 by AVI-Mux GUI
6:38 AM Ticket #213 (WMA v2 support = clipping sound) created by jaozz_one
Been playing a media file which the Quicktime Info says uses Windows Media …

Jul 4, 2007:

3:45 PM Changeset [618] by astrange
Change multithreading to one thread per CPU. Remove -fomit-frame-pointer …
12:32 PM Changeset [617] by astrange
Naive multithreading. Doesn't seem to do anything with only 1 thread …
11:56 AM Changeset [616] by gbooker
* Deleted the "Default" configuration * Committed the update to the …
9:48 AM Changeset [615] by sky
watch perian in action

Jul 3, 2007:

2:55 PM Ticket #212 (Perian 1.0 breaks .mov playback for iTunes 7.3 and QuickTime Player 7.1.6) created by mhg
Installed perian 1.0, playback of podcasts in .mov or .m4v format through …
11:16 AM BadContent edited by gbooker
A few of spam content filters added (diff)
10:27 AM Ticket #211 (ASF with MPEG4-V1 (MP4S) video track decoding failure) created by rectalogic
Perian 1.0 does not properly play back ASF container with MP4S video …

Jul 2, 2007:

7:23 PM Changeset [614] by sky
fixed cachefly and matroska links
5:15 PM Ticket #209 (Perian 1.0 breaks export of flv files to other formats via QTKit calls?) closed by gbooker
worksforme: This is because perian now imports the file in idle time rather than …
2:47 PM Ticket #210 (Supported filetypes, filename extensions, etc. should be added to the ...) created by d_temp
QT Player (QT system framework) doesn't get supported filetype info …
12:38 PM Ticket #209 (Perian 1.0 breaks export of flv files to other formats via QTKit calls?) created by chimoosoft
With Perian 0.5, it was possible to use QTKit calls to open an flv …
12:23 PM Ticket #208 (Arrows in Text Field ("About Perian") do not work) closed by gbooker
fixed: [613]
10:53 AM Ticket #208 (Arrows in Text Field ("About Perian") do not work) created by arepty
In the prefpane, under "About Perian" is a text field which displays some …

Jul 1, 2007:

10:45 PM Ticket #207 (Some applications crash with both Perian and DivX installed) created by dconrad
Some applications may crash when both DivX and Perian 1.0 are installed, …
9:25 PM Ticket #203 (Perian 1.0 crashes QuickTime Player and Nice Player in Mac OS X 10.5 beta) closed by tick
invalid: Niceplayer crashes on 10.5 in general, with or without Perian, or so I …
4:59 AM Ticket #206 (Add "set subtitle folder/directory" feature) created by jaozz_one
Add "set subtitle folder" feature. Reason: if you have a lot of movie …

Jun 30, 2007:

8:08 PM Ticket #205 (Sound in some .avi files out of sync) created by maler
I have at least one .avi file, which have sound out of sync when played …
1:59 AM Ticket #204 (Incorrect Russian string on installer's image) created by Endorphinity
There is incorrect translation to Russian on installer's image (second …

Jun 29, 2007:

11:06 PM Changeset [613] by gbooker
Fixed the scrolling of the about box. Don't think it is worth a 1.0.1, …
10:44 PM Changeset [612] by gbooker
So the update checker doesn't bug those running trunk.
9:23 PM Milestone 1.0 completed
* Matroska support (mkv) * vob support
5:42 PM Ticket #203 (Perian 1.0 crashes QuickTime Player and Nice Player in Mac OS X 10.5 beta) created by mpmchugh
I realize there are no claims of 10.5 compatibility yet, but just an …
4:18 PM Changeset [611] by gbooker
1.0 release.
12:37 PM Changeset [610] by gbooker
* Locked SVN revions * Corrected Appcast lookup * Versioned
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