May 29, 2008:

5:18 PM Ticket #341 (WMA2 decode errors) created by astrange
http://astrange.ithinksw.net/ffmpeg/ajiba.avi Remuxed from WMV by ffmpeg, …
12:35 AM Changeset [905] by gbooker
If one has properly framed data, setting mFramesPerPacket breaks AC3 …

May 26, 2008:

1:58 PM Changeset [904] by astrange
Copy r903 from trunk.
1:51 PM Changeset [903] by astrange
Delete components when uninstalling instead of putting them in the trash.

May 24, 2008:

5:14 PM Changeset [902] by astrange
Merge r901 to the branch too.
4:53 PM Changeset [901] by astrange
Allow subtitle tracks without any video tracks, fix up tracking and …
2:18 PM Changeset [900] by astrange
Merge AC3/ATV stuff to the branch.
1:49 PM Changeset [899] by gbooker
Reverted r894
1:43 PM Changeset [898] by gbooker
Better frame buffer interface. Less memory, better memory allocation …
1:40 PM Changeset [897] by gbooker
* Default AVI's AC3 to hacked method, since Apple's AC3 passthrough code …
1:38 PM Changeset [896] by gbooker
Added scripts to create a self-installer (useful for ATV)
1:37 PM Changeset [895] by gbooker
When we get suck with the hacked AC3, and it starts with blank data, we …
12:47 PM Changeset [894] by gbooker
Forgot to add this line

May 23, 2008:

10:54 PM Changeset [893] by astrange
Merge trunk to the release branch.
11:17 AM Changeset [892] by astrange
Put sdkflags in the linker flags.
11:01 AM Changeset [891] by astrange
Don't call [nil floatValue].
10:21 AM Changeset [890] by astrange
Use double quotes for strings with variables in them (refs #340)
10:11 AM Ticket #340 (Current HEAD does not compile on 10.4 PPC) created by maru
The attached patch fixes the compilation on 10.4 PPC for current trunk.
2:25 AM Ticket #338 (Hang importing mkv with ordered chapters) closed by astrange
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