Aug 28, 2009:

10:11 PM Changeset [1132] by astrange
Fixup r1131 and r1129. - Forgot to change the resources to match the …
8:58 PM Changeset [1131] by astrange
Fix up audio codec resources and ids. WMAV1 was using WMAV2's codec ID. …
6:10 PM Changeset [1130] by gbooker
Enable FrontRow? hack for Snow Leopard as well.
6:09 PM Changeset [1129] by gbooker
Stop mkdir from making a directory that already exists and thus showing up …
4:54 PM Ticket #441 (MKV/OGM not openable in QuickTime X (Snow Leopard)) closed by astrange
fixed: Fixed in r1126. …OGM?
3:20 PM Ticket #441 (MKV/OGM not openable in QuickTime X (Snow Leopard)) created by robodude666
MKV and OGM files cannot be opened using QuickTime X in Snow Leopard, …
4:23 AM Ticket #440 (64bit Audio Codecs) created by Trevize
64bit version of the audio codecs included in Perian would be useful in …

Aug 27, 2009:

12:04 PM Changeset [1128] by astrange
Fake some 96khz SBR AAC as 48khz LC AAC. They tend to play silence or …

Aug 26, 2009:

12:28 PM Changeset [1127] by astrange
Delete code setting mFramesPerPacket = 1. It's not apparently needed (avi …

Aug 25, 2009:

12:47 PM Changeset [1126] by astrange
Add a opener app so we have something to define public.movie UTI for new …
1:44 AM Changeset [1125] by astrange
Use Perian_icon.icns for the component too. Nit: move Info.plists out of …
12:14 AM Changeset [1124] by astrange
Delete the FFusion icon. It wasn't even in the info plist, just shipped …

Aug 22, 2009:

8:22 PM Ticket #439 (Broken playback issue) created by MyCometG3
Latest QuickTime 7.6.2 still has many problem with multiple B-Frame …

Aug 21, 2009:

1:36 PM Changeset [1123] by gbooker
Might as well take out the beta page in case someone runs across it.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.