Nov 28, 2009:

2:06 AM Ticket #455 (File is imported too short) closed by astrange
2:05 AM Changeset [1218] by astrange
Disable probesize and max_analyze_duration checking in import. These …
1:59 AM Changeset [1217] by astrange
File import probing was missing FF_INPUT_BUFFER_PADDING_SIZE. Also …
12:05 AM Changeset [1216] by astrange
Extend ATV mp3 import hack to cover MKV.
12:05 AM Changeset [1215] by astrange
Fix a valgrind uninitialized data warning parsing h264.

Nov 27, 2009:

9:43 PM Changeset [1214] by gbooker
Since this hack is only for MP3, it should be set to the correct value.

Nov 26, 2009:

10:10 AM Changeset [1213] by gbooker
Auto-generate yet another massive case statement. The info is passed as a …
10:05 AM Changeset [1212] by gbooker
Resurrect the workaround hack for mp3 on some versions of Tiger. This is …

Nov 25, 2009:

12:59 AM Changeset [1211] by astrange
Fix Preflight for all H.264. At some point ffmpeg stopped setting pix_fmt …
12:55 AM Changeset [1210] by astrange
Append -mdynamic-no-pic to all builds, not just optimized ones. Fixes …

Nov 24, 2009:

11:35 AM Changeset [1209] by astrange
Tag r1116 as perian-1.1.4. (a little late...)

Nov 23, 2009:

11:25 PM Changeset [1208] by astrange
SSA: Implement vertical text properly and fix it being badly misplaced. …
8:29 PM Changeset [1207] by astrange
SSA: fix ssa2pdf not compiling.
8:28 PM Changeset [1206] by astrange
SSA: Fix -description for SubRenderDiv? printing the wrong border style …

Nov 22, 2009:

5:54 PM Changeset [1205] by astrange
Hardcode parts of FFmpeg's runtime CPU detection. We never have 3dnow …
5:53 PM Changeset [1204] by astrange
SSA: Switch from "high interpolation quality" to "low interpolation …
12:34 AM Ticket #457 (VobSub text displaying all black) created by astrange
File attached, works in mplayer but doesn't work in Perian on x86. PPC not …
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