Aug 15, 2010:

7:30 PM Changeset [1335] by gbooker
Warning removal; forgot this one.
7:25 PM Changeset [1334] by gbooker
Proxy components for audio/video to handle the stripped header case in …

Aug 13, 2010:

8:54 PM Ticket #515 (SubRendererCreateWithSSA has no error state) created by astrange
If an empty or invalid header (NSString creation returns nil or we can't …

Aug 12, 2010:

2:27 AM Ticket #514 (Build libavformat/util with frame pointers) created by astrange
libavformat and libavutil are not speed essential. However, they are …
2:21 AM Changeset [1333] by astrange
Deployment: build with the optimizations (-Os) as Deployment+Debug and …
2:09 AM Changeset [1332] by astrange
Merge upstream libebml/libmatroska r491 New URL at …
1:42 AM Changeset [1331] by astrange
Catch NSExceptions coming out of VobSub?/MKV subtitle parsing too Also …

Aug 10, 2010:

11:19 AM Changeset [1330] by gbooker
Building documentation can sometimes cause build to fail, so disable …
11:05 AM Changeset [1329] by gbooker
Was incorrectly counting number of null characters instead of number of …
3:33 AM Ticket #257 (Crash when opening 4+ gig mkv file) closed by astrange
duplicate: Come back and give me a sample! Reverse duped to #223.

Aug 9, 2010:

12:17 AM Changeset [1328] by astrange
SSA: Improve emulation of outer-stroke outlines by erasing the inner part …
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