Apr 15, 2011:

7:00 PM Changeset [1428] by gbooker
Changed data handler to not read past the end of the file. Also, check …
12:31 PM Ticket #574 (MKV + external subtitles can lead to overlapping text) created by astrange
After loading external subtitles, we should make sure that only one track …
12:10 PM Changeset [1427] by astrange
Add mcfg resources for the AVI importer and polish rez - Some whitespace …
11:19 AM Ticket #573 (http://webm.html5.org/test.webm crashes QuickTime Player and Safari) created by eric.carlson
On a machine with 10.6.7 and QuickTime 7.6.6, …
10:06 AM Ticket #572 (WebM videos don't play in Safari) created by Rik
I have Perian 1.2.2 installed and I can play WebM videos with Quicktime. …
1:50 AM Ticket #564 (Subtitles in Frontrow) closed by astrange
fixed: Fixed in r1426. We had undefined behavior in there the whole time, which …
1:49 AM Changeset [1426] by astrange
Fix complete nonsense call to Gestalt() which broke compat checks Fixes …
1:27 AM Ticket #571 (Decode in draw + optimizations) created by astrange
We should decode in DrawBand? and use a draw_horiz_band callback+GCD for …
1:26 AM Ticket #570 (Deal with full range YUV) created by astrange
Find a pixel format which QT will accept that contains 0-255 YUV so we can …
1:20 AM Ticket #569 (Verify frameNumber mapping in FFusion) created by astrange
Word on the street is that there is not a 1-1 mapping between frameNumber …
1:16 AM Ticket #568 (Labels in ac3 compression reversed) created by astrange
12:21 AM Ticket #566 (Frapsv4 shows black) closed by astrange
fixed: And we can't implement kComponentVideoCodecType (yuv2) because QT doesn't …
12:14 AM Changeset [1425] by astrange
Fix last commit Refs #566

Apr 14, 2011:

11:55 PM Changeset [1424] by astrange
Map PIX_FMT_YUVJ420P to 2vuy Fixes fraps v0/3/4. Note this is wrong - …
11:53 PM Changeset [1423] by astrange
Fix building with Xcode 3.2.6 The result is not suitable for a PPC …
10:08 PM Ticket #567 (Unable to update) created by bbabaa
Attempting to install the update 1.2.2 locks up System Preferences. …
8:23 PM Changeset [1422] by tick
making the team page whole, for some reason I wasn't listed.
7:22 PM Changeset [1421] by gbooker
Don't infinite loop on files which contain 0 packets for a defined track …
1:28 PM Ticket #565 (expansion leak) closed by gbooker
fixed: r1419
9:23 AM Ticket #566 (Frapsv4 shows black) created by JuergenM
The new version 1.2.2 has some problems with the Fraps codes (v3.4). I had …
9:04 AM Ticket #565 (expansion leak) created by dersubtile
Report of INstruments while debugging my application: Leaked Object: …
7:55 AM Ticket #562 (Error Message when Installing Perian 1.2.2) closed by gbooker
duplicate: #545
7:16 AM Ticket #564 (Subtitles in Frontrow) created by jptwist
I'm sorry if this bug has already been posted. I noticed that subtitles in …

Apr 13, 2011:

8:41 PM Changeset [1420] by tick
Closing the 1.2 branch, tagging the 1.2.2 release
7:54 PM Ticket #563 (1.2.2 mac os error 50) created by pjpreilly
1.2.2 installs but will not play a .flv 1.2.1 will. get a mac os error 50.
6:52 PM Ticket #562 (Error Message when Installing Perian 1.2.2) created by MaxLeopold
Process: System Preferences [46096] Path: …
6:09 PM Changeset [1419] by gbooker
leak fix
11:46 AM Milestone 1.2.2 completed
10:10 AM Changeset [1418] by gbooker
Added changelog for 1.2.2 to #support tab

Apr 12, 2011:

5:54 PM Changeset [1417] by astrange
Update website copyright
5:24 PM Changeset [1416] by astrange
Release 1.2.2.

Apr 8, 2011:

10:27 PM Ticket #561 (MKV error on 10.5) created by astrange
higurashi5-10mb.mkv skips decoding of some nonskippable some frames when …
9:51 PM Changeset [1415] by astrange
Merge from trunk.
9:50 PM Changeset [1414] by astrange
Enable printf format checking for Codecprintf and fix warning fallout
9:49 PM Changeset [1413] by astrange
MKV: Remove duration-rebuilding code in FinishTrack? Oddly, …
9:33 PM Ticket #560 (negative ctts in MKV) created by astrange
higurashi5-10mb.mkv has negative ctts entries. This should be impossible …
6:26 PM Changeset [1412] by astrange
10.5 compatibility: don't ship an x86-64 PerianOpener? The Opener crashes …
6:01 PM Changeset [1411] by astrange
Fix "Make SVN Rev" dependency missing from some targets
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